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How To Add A Song In Songtrust [9 Steps]

It is very easy to add a song in Songtrust. However, when you have freshly signed up, this can sometimes be confusing.

Don’t worry. I am here to help you with it.

But first, have a look at the different copyrights that are created when a track is made.

Sontrust and you are in a so called “administration deal”. They take care of the collecting the publishing royalties while you pay a administration fee to them.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a song in Songtrust:

  1. Sign in into your Songtrust account.
  2. Click on “Menu” in the upper right corner
  3. Click on “Add Song”
  4. Enter the title of the song, add the writers (e.g. Artist and Producer)(Optional: Add Lyrics)
  5. Click on “Register Song”
  6. Click on the third tab named “ISRC”
  7. Go to Spotify and copy the link to your track
  8. Enter the link into the ISRC Finder
  9. Enter the received ISRC into the songtrust field

Do producers get percentages on Songtrust?

Unless, the artist does not register them, they will not receive any percentage on Songtrust. So please make sure to register everyone involved!

Also, if you distribute your music via Distrokid, make sure to add your producer to the royalty splits.

In order to ask me anything about Songtrust contact me via the contact formular.

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