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IPI Of An Artist: How to find it

How do you find the IPI of an Artist or Producer? I had to figure out myself and now will share my experience with you.

In order to properly register royalty splits with your PRO (e.g. BMI or ASCAP) you will need the IPI (Interested Party Information) number of the writers who have contributed to the song.

If a rapper (lyrics) and a producer (beat) make a song together, they will split the royalties 50%/50% (BMI) or 100%/100% (ASCAP).

[Both are the same amounts, BMI just measures the complete song with 100% while ASCAP measures it with 200%.]

Now if you want to find the IPI of an Artist or Producer, and they didn’t tell you, here is what to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Performer” and enter the artist name
  3. Select from the search result the right artist (you will be able to identify them, based on the registered songs e.g. you will identify Future by his hit track “Mask off”)
  4. Now go through the entries under “Writers / Composers” and check which name is always there (this is likely to be the legal name of the artist. In the case of Future this is “WILBURN NAYVADIUS DEMUN”. Be aware that this is in the format Surname, First Name)
  5. Next to their name you can find the column “Current Affiliation” (in the case of Future this is “BMI”) as well as their IPI (for Future this is “435760746”).

Songview IPI of an Artist

In order to ask me anything about your IPI contact me via the contact formular.

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