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How To Find My IPI on BMI/ASCAP [2 Options]

The IPI (Interested Party Information) number uniquely identifies songwriters und publishers as international rights holders.

The number is nine to 11 digits long.

It is assigned to songwriters und publishers by their Performing Rights Organization (PRO). This is why you won’t find it Distrokid or CD Baby.


How do you find your own IPI on BMI or ASCAP?

You can find your Interested Party Information number in two ways from your PRO (BMI / ASCAP):

1. by contacting your PRO
2. by performing a search in the public repertory on both ASCAP and BMI (described below)

Important note: This number is not the same as the member account number!

If you want to find your own IPI on BMI or ASCAP via the last option, this is how you do it:

Songview find IPI BMI ASCAP

  • Go to
  • Select “Writer/Composer” and enter your legal name (“last name, first name”)
  • Press “accept” to accept their disclaimer
  • Now the entries should show your name with your personal IPI number

That is it, easy right?

Here is an tutorial of How To Find The IPI Of An Artist [5 Steps].

Now, you can easily register songs with your administration company like Songtrust.

In order to ask me about anything about the BMI/ASCAP search contact me via the contact formular.

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