How To Get Your Beats On Spotify [1 Step Tutorial]

Producers: “How do I get my beats on Spotify and Apple music?”

I have came across this question many times. Since digital streaming platforms can be a main source of an artist financial income, they also depict a wonderful spot to earn money for beatmakers.

As beatmakers we spent so much time in crafting our beats and sending them out.

But rarely we receive an reply from artists.

This is why you should upload your beats to digital streaming platforms:

You can reach billions of listeners, you can listen to your beats on the go and you even get paid for other people just listening to your beats.

Sounds wonderful right?

It is!

I used Distrokid in order to supply my beats to Spotify, Apple music and all the other digital streaming platforms.

It is quite easy to earn more money than you payed as the sign up fee via your streams.

Further, it helps you build your own brand! If big house and techno producers and DJs such as Avicii and Tiësto can be famous artists, you can too.

The whole genre of classical music is based on musical compositions without lyrics! And classical music has been around for a while now.

So if you would like to check out Distrokid, here is a link* to sign up to their service.

The uploading process is super simple. You define certain details, such as artist name, release date, artwork or cover, genre and finally upload the beat file and you are done!

Here are my beats (CashBagBeats) on Spotify as a prove that I am not joking:

How to get a verified spotify profile for producers and artists

This step is as easy as the preceeding ones:

  • Sign into your Distrokid Account
  • Click on the button left to your profile (the one with the four squares)
  • Click on “special access”
  • Choose “Spotify for Artists”


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